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Steven Springer was an accomplished and soulful songwriter and innovative fingerstyle guitarist, with his roots firmly planted in reggae, soca and calypso. Steven recorded and produced over twenty-five albums/CD’s alongside many of Caribbean music’s most popular acts, as well as numerous jingles for radio and television.

Steven’s unique musical style is a melting pot of jazz, reggae, latin, blues, rock and R&B, which combine to form a very refreshing and exceptional sound that’s easy on the ears and cheers the heart. Audiences from around the world, who were lucky enough to have seen Steven perform, witnessed an artist delivering his music with energy, conviction and raw emotion.

Born in Trinidad, in the West Indies, Steven Springer was inspired by the melodic lilting sound of soca and calypso, and started playing guitar at a young age. Steven was intrigued by the fusion of many different cultures and beautiful natural features of Trinidad. In his early twenties, Steven moved to Phoenix, Arizona and formed a band called Sanctuary, which rose to fame, winning local awards for “Band of The Year” for three consecutive years, as well as “Album of the Year,” during the 1980’s.

Touring worldwide, Springer was a featured artist at the 1988 World’s Fair in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, performing with the Trinidad Calypso Band. Upon returning to the United States, Springer joined Hugh Borde’s world famous Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band, performing and recording with them for over ten years. Among other numerous awards and honors, Steven was chosen “Best Guitar Player,” every year from 1990 to 1993, at the annual Detroit Music Awards. steven-springer-guitarist

Steven was known for his charitable work, and he never passed up an opportunity to play at events for the American Cancer Society at their Walk For Life events, or for sick patients at hospitals.  Even during his failing health, he loved to see people enjoying his music, and loved connecting with other musicians and audiences.

Steven passed away on September 10th, 2012, but his music continues to live on in the hearts and spirit of anyone who ever hears his music.